ایران و آذربایجان: پیوند شیعی و گسست قومی

کلاب «زیتون» برگزار می‌کند: دوشنبه ۱۲ مهر ماه، اتاقی در مورد روابط بین ایران و آذربایجان، با عنوان « پیوند شیعی و گسست قومی». این برنامه در ساعت ۲۱ به وقت تهران با حضور مهدی نوربخش، حسین علیزاده و میثم

Islam and violence

Nowadays we are constantly facing questions about the relation between Islam and violence: Is Islam a violent faith? Does it condone killing ordinary citizens? Are Muslims potentially terrorists? Although the question about the relation between violence and different faiths including

Brussels and a phenomenon called Islam

In less than two decades, four European countries have been the target of Islamist extremist terrorist attacks. In 2004 , “Theo Van Gogh”, a film-maker and the grandson of noted Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh was murdered in the Netherlands.

Be’that and non-violence

“It is He who sent among the unlettered a messenger from themselves; reciting his revelations to them, and purifying them, and teaching them the Scripture and wisdom; although they were in obvious error before that.” (Al-Jumu’ah:2) “Eid-al Mab’ath’ is Muslim’s

Genital Ducts

Genital Ducts Indifferent Stage (page 264-266) Initially, both male and female embryos have two pairs of genital ducts: mesonephric (Wolffian) ducts and paramesonephric (Müllerian) ducts. The paramesonephric duct arises as a longitudinal invagination of the epithelium on the anterolateral surface

“Cultural differences” and “Human Rights”

One of the most important questions about human rights, and specifically the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (UDHR), which was authorized in 1948, is the relation between universal human rights and worldwide cultural differences and conflicts in different nations. The